Musings of a Flourishing Flower

Sonnenlicht (Sunlight)This morning I am sitting here, surrounded by the most beauty I’ve ever considered my own. In almost every direction I look, areas in my life that were once on pause are now flourishing.

We live in a house that, to me, is a work of art. The angles, the windows, the height. It’s magnificent. There are so many little spaces to experience that it’s sometimes hard to settle. Careers are thriving. Children are blooming. Breakthroughs are happening.

And the love. The love here is strong and sweet and growing.

I am living in a dream!

I was needing to connect with the Lord and landed in Psalms, where I usually end up when I feel a bit lost and unfocused. Found myself skimming through one of David’s songs, barely comprehending and completely missing the point, until a little phrase jumped out and grabbed my attention:

As a flower of the field, so he flourishes. Psalm 103:15

Isn’t that lovely? It resonated with me, especially in this season of splendor. Flowers are glorious masterpieces, each so delicately and distinctly designed. Some are super dainty and fragile, others hardy and strong. I love to see flourishing flowers, and to be compared to one! With my attention finally captured, I re-read the entire sentence, and then re-read the entire chapter.

Question: How exactly does a flower flourish? Answer: For a very short period of time.

[You’re welcome; and feel free to call me Mr. Killjoy!]

Even if you are a flower on a perennial plant, in California, with the most excellent nurture and the perfect conditions, even if you bloomed your entire life, you have a pretty tiny window to show yourself and the world what you’re made of.  But don’t miss this…YOU HAVE A WINDOW!

The point of the psalm was not to hand us a sweet little catchphrase to land upon and misapply. It was to contrast our fleeting earthly presence with God’s eternal lovingkindness. We have an opportunity here in this lifetime to sparkle and shine, to radiate who we are created to be, and to thrive in the purpose we are designed for. To show off His glory like the flowers do in the time they are given. I want to be a flower wild and vigorous! Deeply rooted and not easily blown down.

So today, I am thankful for the droughts, for the floods, and for the windstorms that have shaped this girl into the blossom you see before you. Each marking, even each flaw, is glorious in its ability to tell a story of survival, healing, and overcoming. I am aware of the tiny window and thankful for the motivation to re-focus and adjust perspective. Let’s show off our spectacular designs!